• IronMind Blues Twos Lifting Straps
  • IronMind Blues Twos Lifting Straps

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    Blue Twos Lifting Straps : Think of Blue-Twos as Strong-Enough Lifting Straps that went on the SUPER SQUATS program and got bigger: extra length/width, for bigger wrists, thicker bars.

    23-1/4" long, loop at one end; 1-3/4" wide.

    Sold as pairs.


    Select the IronMind lifting straps that are right for you:

    Short & Sweet

    18”, no loop

    1-1/2” wide

    classic style for Olympic weightlifters; short for bailouts


    21-1/4”, closed loop

    1-1/2” wide

    weightlifters of all types; easy to use


    21-1/4”, loop at  one end

    1-1/2” wide

    top pro strongman choice; best general purpose

    Blue Twos

    23-1/4”, loop at one end

    1-3/4” wide

    extra length/width; for bigger wrists, thicker bars

    Black and Fourth

    25-1/4”, loop at one end

    2” wide

    even more length/width; for large wrists, +2” thick bars

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