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Gungnir Allrounder Training Bar


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Why your gym needs the Allrounder

• EFFICIENT & USER-FRIENDLY – Provide your customers with the most efficient and user-friendly locking mechanism on the market. Lift, Slide, Lock.

• TIDIER – It keeps your gym tidier with no more clips and collars lying around.

• SAFER – It makes for a safer gym experience, thanks to its great accessibility. Users choose to utilize the SlideLock more frequently than regular collars. Keeping the user and their surroundings safer.

• ECONOMIC – The Slidelocks will not get lost, broken or stolen like regular collars and clips. Gym owners purchase collars for every barbell they own about once a year during the lifetime of a barbell (average barbell replacement: 7-10 years)

• EASIER TO CLEAN – The SlideLock is much easier to clean and disinfect, due to the type of material, geometry, and size. Conventional collars have a much more complex geometry and do often contain materials that is harder to clean.

General information

TESTING - The Allrounder has been tested extensively with top athletes within Weightlifting, Crossfit, Powerlifting and Strongman for all kind of use including maximum weight and high reps. In addition, it has also been through extensively testing in a drop-testing machine that simulates the varieties of 15,000 real life drops. In these tests, we dropped the bar at heights of 1.6m, loaded with 320kg of plates, as well as heights of 2.2m with 90kg. In addition, the strength of the “teeth” in the SlideLock were tested in a hydraulic press where the lock endured a vertical pressure of 15,000kg. The test results showed no signs of any defects or failures, leaving all the parts perfectly intact.

• Material – The SlideLock is made of aerospace grade titanium. This is an incredibly strong and tough titanium often used in aerospace and racecars.
• Magnet – A powerful neodymium magnet makes sure that the SlideLock stays in place even when subjected to drops and slams.
• Gap – A gap of maximum 4,5 mm can occur between the SlideLock and weight plate, the thickness of the weight plates is the variable factor. The gap will not affect the user experience at all, this has even been verified by top professional weightlifters. Other normal collars will usually slide or move during the exercise, while the SlideLock will not budge, keeping the user safe all through the workout.

• Knurling – The knurl has been carefully balanced to fit both high rep workouts and heavy lifting. The center knurl has been made a bit milder so that front squats or cleans are doable without discomfort. To give an enhanced micro-level grip, the hard chrome has been made with a satin finish, giving a completely unique almost cool blue gray look to the shaft. The combination of the medium knurl and micro-roughness from the finish has been described by many professional athletes as giving a “good grip that gives the feeling of being already chalked up”.
• Whip – The whip of the bar is almost identical to all other bars with the same shaft diameter. Meaning if you are used to a 28mm grip which is the most used shaft diameter for barbells, The Allrounder will give you an almost identical whip.

• Bushings – These have been selected for their long lifetime and reliability. The high impact toughness they provide, also makes for a great feature in this bar. We have applied a self-lubricating design to the bushing with diamond shaped pockets to provide regular lubrication and contribute to a long lasting, reliable and maintenance friendly solution with a good spin.
• Why bushings and not needle bearings – The Bronze bushing, especially with our diamond pocket design, aligns perfectly with Gungnir of Norway’s high-quality standard and durability values. Compared to a needle bearing, it is more resilient, has a longer lifespan, barely needs maintenance, and provides a good and reliable spin that lasts for years.
• Maintenance – For detailed maintenance information, please view the Gungnir of Norway product care guideline in our refund policy

Bar Use

Multipurpose Weight 20 kg


20 kg



Bar Length

220 cm

Loadable Sleeve Length

415 mm



Center Knurl


Knurl Mark


Shaft Coating

Satin hard chrome

Sleeve Coating

Electroless nickel deposit

SlideLock Coating

No coating


Bronze Bushing

Tensile Strength




Shaft diameter

28 mm

Maximum load

680 kg


Lifetime warranty



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