Pullum Sandbag

Pullum Sandbag

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Sandbag training is perfect for football players, wrestlers, special ops guys, and everyone training for functional strength and conditioning - not to mention anyone who would like an alternative to barrel or stone lifting, or a way to tax his grip.  Sandbag training allows you to do a variety of lifts, use high reps or low, and increase or decrease the weight, and if you happen to drop one, you'll find out that they are a lot softer than iron or steel.

We have added this product to bring down the cost of taking to this useful training technique.  The hard wearing Pullum sandbag measures 90cm x 50cm and has a drawstring tie and carrying strap.

Simply add your smaller bags of sand into this and you are all set for lifting, pushing, pulling, rowing, pressing, and throwing - you name it.

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