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Eleiko Disc dumbbell with urethane covered discs.

Clearly marked with product weight.             

Diameter:  200 mm
Colour:  Silver, black
Warranty:  2 year
Diameter of grip:  35mm width handle

Available from 12.5kg to 70kg in 2.5kg increments as standard.

Sold in sets.

Set 1 - 12.5 to 30kg - 8 Pairs
Set 2 - 32.5kg to 40kg - 4 Pairs
Set 3 - 42.5kg to 50kg - 4 pairs
Set 4 - 52.5kg to 60kg -4 pairs

Dumbbells ordered in please allow approx 4 weeks for delivery.

Dumbbell Rack available as an extra within Storage. Call or e-mail for individual dumbbells prices.

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