Blood Eagle by Skull Smash Ammonia Inhalent


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BLOOD EAGLE™ by Skull Smash® is a mead-scented edition inspired by the Viking warrior spirit of the ancient times, and which many modern strength athletes pay respect to and draw from today. We have worked hard to come up with a blend of scents to create a noticeable mead scent, while also making sure the potent, long lasting Skull Smash formula you’ve grown to love and trust remains strong and upfront.



 We are prohibited from sending Smelling Salts internationally. 

*** WARNING ***

Skull Smash Ammonia products are made to be inhaled by strength enthusiasts in conjunction with their training and competitions.

Our products are NOT intended for medical use, or to treat any illness or condition. You use these completely at your own risk, and by your own decision and judgment that these are suitable for your personal use.

As with most compounds and aids of this sort, there are potential risks and hazards. You should seek the advice of a medical professional before using these, or any of our products, especially if you have concerns.

Ammonia gas is toxic in large concentrations, and for long periods of time can be very hazardous.

Since smelling salts produce only a small amount of ammonia gas, and with normal, responsible use, and if the individual isn't exposed for long periods of time, serious complications or hazards are rare, and we are unaware of anyone experiencing any ill health affects from normal use.

However, a high concentration of inhaled ammonia might burn the nasal passages or lungs.

Please use responsibly, and seek medical advice if you have any concerns.

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